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No Commitment – Monthly Consumer Billing

Happy customers.

“When we launched our Magic Ski & Snowboard School in Val Thorens last season, we had to stand out from the other teaching structures on the resort. That’s why we called Action Video Editing for video editing. This innovative concept immediately thrilled us and we have been developing with this product ever since. It’s fast and the quality is there. To recommend!”

Photo equipe Magic in motion
Pierre Morlac

@ Magic in Motion

“We have been working with Action Video Editing for 2 years and were the first in the MTB business. The videos are excellent and receive a very favorable opinion from our customers. The different media help our monitors to film and over time they become informed “ camera operators” …A very good value for money and a real surplus value. In short, a partnership that will last!”

Bénédicte Aubert

@ Horizons Tout Terrains

“Action Video Editing is a responsive company that offers quality service. We are very pleased to be working with them. This allows our customers to leave with beautiful memories of their stay with us.”

Photo portrait Gaspard Bollengier Espace Mer
Gaspard Bollengier

@ Espace Mer

Included in each subscription

Souvenir Video Editing : 

  • Make each customer a prescriber:
  • Scripted film of 2 minutes 30 with music, title and inlay of your logo, created from a batch of images up to 8Gb. Used for individual or group videos, it is possible to offer, resell, or forecast the cost of this realization in the selling price of your service. The videos are reusable as is for promotional purposes.

Video Transfer :

  • Generate additional revenues:
  • All your shots, videos and photos, are branded to your image (logo inlay) and delivered to your customers in less than 24H by Email and SMS. • All your shots, videos and photos, are branded to your image (logo inlay) and delivered to your customers in less than 24H by Email and SMS. No micro SD stock management, you reuse the same SD card for each customer.Cheaper than a micro SD and the certainty that your customers will be able to view their videos regardless of the medium used.Deliver the video to your customers and generate significant additional revenue.

Sending Emails and SMS :

  • Notify customers when the video is ready :
  • It is possible to inform us of your customers’ emails when creating the editing request so that we can distribute the access code directly to them when the video is ready. If you are asked to see your customers in person, you can easily share the access code by printing label sheets (code and estimated availability date) from the application.

Access to an online application 24/24 and 7/7 days for  :

  • Set your preferences
  • Requests for video editing
  • Create and track your requests
  • Deposit the shooting files

Billing :

  • Monthly billing for consumer videos.
  • A dashboard allows you to monitor your consumption and print your invoices

Advice booklets :

  • The guarantee of a scripted film, pleasant to watch :
  • The final quality of the videos depends on the quality of the shots, and their variety. We summarized our expertise by creating booklets ready to print with our suggestions of plans for each type of activity (outdoor sports, indoor activities, tourism & leisure, etc.). These shots can be shot by the subject himself, or an attendant.

Video player

  • Dematerialize and maximize sharing:
  • All videos are available by access code on a dedicated player, respecting confidentiality. You or your customers will not only be able to watch the video, but also download it in HD to preserve it sustainably, send it by email to friends or share it directly on Facebook. Word of mouth and visibility guaranteed!