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Online booking of Aerial activities

Created in 2011 at the initiative of a pilot with a total flying time of 10,000 hours, is a gift voucher web site for the sale of air leisure services aimed at promoting the disciplines of the third dimension to the general public.
Led by a team whose majority of members are passionate and/or aviation professionals, the site stands out for its knowledge of the different sports and leisure of the air, the important network of service providers and the strength of its commitment to 3 essential values: safety, quality and hospitality.

Online sales and planning with

With YoPlanning , simplify your daily management :

  • Centralise your bookings and planning on a single management tool ;
  • Sell your business directly on your website ;
  • Share your availability, resources and schedules with your employees or customers

One tool in one. Specially designed for sports and leisure professionals, independents, small or large structures.