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Any questions ? Find the answer here !

Any questions?
Find the answer here!

Getting started

I’m already doing video, what else does your department bring ?

Our service will save you effort, time and quality. This will improve the impact on your customers.

  • You no longer have to manage your video editions yourself, and you are now sure to obtain the best possible quality.
  • Your logo is animated by our care and added to each of your videos.
  • The music adds dynamism and emotion to the captured images.
  • Booklets adapted to your activity are provided to your supervisors to advise them and guarantee exceptional shots.
  • Videos are automatically sent to participants by e-mails and SMS
  • Our management tool and processing capacity allows you to make dozens or even hundreds of videos per week.
  • You limit the risk of mixing videos or sending to the wrong participants.
  • You can find at any time all the history of your montages
  • Our tools encourage the online sharing of videos, your brand benefits from this notoriety.
  • No longer worry about managing the right to image, the communication is made by your customers
  • You benefit from responsive customer support, and your customers as well.
  • You remain free to offer or sell your videos.
  • And many other benefits (addition of photos, realization of best-of your most beautiful images, payment facilities, etc.)
Is this gonna take a lot of time and work ?

15 minutes of shooting is enough (even on a week-long activity !). And five minutes to send us the footage.
We also provide you with support, advice booklets and recommendations in order to save you a maximum of time: this is the raison d’être of our service !

I don’t know how to film , how can I be sure that I will make good shots ?

When you first order a pack, you shall find in the HELP section, printable leaflets with tips adapted to each activity.
We also provide you with a personalized feedback on each of your editing requests if we see possible improvement points on the shots.
You can also contact your account manager at any time, who will be happy to help you.

How long does a video last ?

The duration of a memory video is about 3 minutes.

What activities can be filmed?

All outdoor sports activities (examples of activities + links), indoor (idem), fun activities (idem), birthday snacks (idem) etc.

What do I need to get started?

An account created on, your preferences indicated in your account, one or more sports camera (also works with smartphone), and…. Here we go !

Material& Supports

I don’t have video equipment, how do I buy equipment ?

Any camera & smartphone capable of filming in HD (720p or 1080p resolution) can be used to make quality shots. Most of the online stores offer this type of equipment at affordable prices.

Do I need a specific SD card?

If you do not use your smartphone/tablet memory directly, a class 10 sd card is required for most cameras, you will also find it in all major brands.

What is the purpose of the booklet, accessible in the Help tab?

Action Video Editing creates practical guides to make shooting easier and faster. The booklets contain simple shots to film, accompanied by illustrations and tips. Each sport has its dedicated downloadable and printable booklet in A4 format.


How does the installation management software work ?

You will find a help section that will give you all the useful answers to your questions, directly in the installation management software as well as in its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why send the files online, I don’t have enough speed ?

With a high-quality Internet connection, uploading rushes online is fast, we advise you to send requests at the end of the day in order to preserve your bandwidth during the day.
In case your connection is tight you can follow the links below to find the best operator available on your area :

Map datafrance


Mobile coverage

Why put your logo in the preferences tab?

The logo will be animated and added to the souvenir videos, it must be of the best possible quality (preferred format: PNG or vector file).

Can I choose the music of my choice for my videos ?

For each editing request, you can choose royalty-free music directly from the Action Video Editing software. You can also set a default choice for all your mounts.
Our music catalogue grows day by day, to meet all needs.

How do I track my editing requests ?

The account you created on allows you to view pending, in-progress and completed editing requests. You can thus follow the progress of our editors.

How do I submit my editing requests?

The software allows you to create and track your editing requests on a computer or mobile phone. No installation required, you only need an Internet connection to access the service.

How do I do this when there are a lot of videos to process ?

The options sorted by and filters are very useful to target a desired period, find a particular montage, or simply observe the progress of the projects.

How do I view a finished montage ?

Once the montage found in the tab of the montage menu is validated, you will be able to view and download it during the two months following its availability.

How do I send the videos to my clients ?

Action Video Editing can manage the sending by email and sms of the final videos to your customers, you just need to fill in their details in each request.


How do my clients access their video ?

Your customers will receive by email and/or sms a single link to access the viewing/sharing/downloading of their videos.
This link will be active for 2 months from the date of availability for hand-edited videos and for one month for requests for transfer of raw shots.
After these delays, the shots/montages will be deleted from our servers.

What happens if my client loses their video access code ?

On request, it is possible for you through the web interface to send the email of availability. All you have to do is use the “participant” filter in the edit menu to find the request and press the “send again” button.


What are the different payment methods offered ?

Payments are debited on the 7th of each month according to the actual consumption delivered – by CB if the monthly amount does not exceed your banking ceiling – or by direct debit (SEPA mandate).
Our payment methods are simple, completely secure and do not entail any additional costs.
Once connected to the application, you can track your consumption in short and find all your invoices in the “My Offer” tab.

What is a SEPA mandate ?

The SEPA direct debit mandate is the document that allows us to set up the automatic direct debit for the payment of your invoices.

All you need to do is complete the online form. You do not need to send a document to your bank. It’s simple, convenient, totally free and secure.


How do I motivate my team to make videos ?

First, introduce your supervisors to the interactive benefits of the video: each shot is an element of animation that always pleases the participants. And they are often very didactic. Isn’t nice to get out a little from the usual routine!
Talk to them about the direct benefits of making souvenir videos: more satisfied, loyal customers – and more new customers!
Some structures choose to entrust the activities most requested by the supervisors to those who agree to play the game of video-memory. A good way to motivate your team as well.
Finally, you can also incentivize them by sharing a percentage of the earnings you earn when you offer your customers the souvenir video for a fee.

Right to the image ?

They are your customers who communicate for you. They are the ones who broadcast their images on their own networks. By the time you don’t broadcast their images yourself, you won’t be worried. Simply add to your GTCS that as part of the filmed services the collected images must not leave the family framework.
Note: Depending on each country, some subtleties may appear and it is up to you to check the best practices to adopt.

If there is a problem, who to contact ?

Our teams are available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. You can reach us on +33 (0)6 81 37 29 55 or by email: hello (@) You can also use our contact form.
We will answer you within 24 hours.

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