Any questions? Find the answer here!

Any questions?
Find the answer here!

Getting started

I already make videos, what added benefits can your service bring?

Our service will save you effort and time and ensure quality. This will improve the impact on your customers.

  • You no longer have to manage the montages yourself, and you are now certain of getting the best quality possible.
  • Your logo will be added to each one of your videos.
  • The music adds dynamism and emotion to the captured images.
  • You receive guidance booklets adapted to your activity which you can give to your activity supervisors to advise them and guarantees shots of exceptional quality.
  • The videos are automatically sent to your participants.
  • Our management tool and processing capability allows you to do dozens or even hundreds of videos per week.
  • Our dedicated video player allows you to track the statistics of consultation, download and online sharing.
  • You limit the risks of mixing videos or sending to the wrong participants.
  • At any time, you can recover your video history.
  • Our tools encourage the online sharing of videos, your brand takes advantage of this publicity.
  • You don’t have to worry about the image management rights, we follow the evolution of the legislation and provide you with all the useful information.
  • We provide full POS media to communicate on the service.
  • You benefit from a responsive customer support, and your customers do as well.
  • You remain free to offer or sell your videos.
  • You have the possibility to activate the “selling online” option which allows you to sell the videos and photos directly: you don’t have to manage anything.
  • And many other benefits (adding photos, making best-of your most beautiful pictures, ease of payment, etc.)
Will it take me a lot of time and work?

15 minutes of shooting is enough (even on a week-long activity!). And 5 minutes to send us the pictures.
We also provide support, advice booklets and recommendations in order to save you time: this is the reason we created Action Video Editing!

I don’t know how to film sport activities; how can I be sure that I will take good shots?

When you first order a pack, we offer you remote training (and even on-site training for 50 packs and more), booklets of advice adapted to each activity.

We also provide you with a personalised feedback on each of your requests for editing if we see points of possible improvements on the shots, we will let you know.

You can also contact your account manager at any time who will be happy to help you.

How long does a video last?

The duration of a souvenir video is about 3 minutes.

What activities can be filmed?

Any outdoor sporting activities (examples of activities + links), indoor (ditto), play activities (ditto), birthday parties (ditto) etc.

What do I need to get started?

An account created on, an active mounts pack (purchased via the software), set up your preferences in your account, buy one or more sports cameras (also works with smartphones), numbered microSD cards and …. Let’s go!


How do I estimate the number of montages to be ordered?

The number of montages to be ordered depends on several variables of your own:

  • Number of activities / courses
  • Is the video available on all activities? And if not on how many activities?
  • Is the video available to participants or optional pay-per-view?
  • Number of frames in the structure
  • Number of GoPro (or equivalent) available in the structure.
  • Budget (the higher the pack, the more you save on the cost price)

What you have to remember is that an activity (with a person or a group of several people) with the video offer corresponds to a montage. On average our clients start the first year on a pack of 50 montages. If they have to resume a pack during the season, then the following year they go to the top pack (to save even more).

Our processing capacity is several hundred videos per week and we continually increase it. Some of our customers make close to 100 videos per week in peak season!

What happens when the validity date of my pack is exceeded?

Once the validation date is exceeded, the counter of the available fixtures is reset to zero. To make new requests you need to order another pack.

& Support

What does the welcome package contain?

It contains all you need to start the season off well!

  • Several advice booklets (one per frame) on the shots to be created, adapted to your activities
  • Envelopes (for sending your microSD cards)
  • Any microSD cards ordered, as well as card holders
  • Communication media (POS) to enable you to highlight the video offer: posters, flyers etc…
  • And a few other small surprises that we leave you the pleasure of discovering.
I don’t have any video equipment; how do I buy equipment?

Each purchase of a pack entitles you to discounts on video equipment (GoPro cameras) at our partner “La Caméra embarquée”.
The Action Video Editing team is there to advise you and guide you in the purchase of equipment and accessories adapted to your activity.

Do I need a specific SD card?

Yes. The microSD cards are specifically and exclusively sold and supplied by Action Video Editing. Each one has a unique number that allows us to identify them and associate a mounting request to the card. This ensures that the right shots are associated with the right group of participants. Approximate price: 5 € per unit (8 GB is more than an hour of shots).
Need more microSD cards? Contactez-nous !

What is the purpose of the booklet, accessible in the documents tab?

Action Video Editing produces practical guides to facilitate and speed up the shooting. The booklets contain simple plans to be filmed, accompanied by illustrations and advice. Each sport has a dedicated booklet.


How does the mount management software work?

You will find a help section which will give you all the answers you need to your questions, directly in the management software of the assemblies s well as in its F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions).

Sending files online or by mail, which should I choose?

If you have a high-quality internet connection, sending online rushes is recommended for a faster editing processing. If that’s not possible, sending SD cards to our address is the best solution!

Why put your logo on the preferences tab?

Your logo will be added to the souvenir videos, it will have to be of the best possible quality (preferred format: PNG or vector file).

Can I have the music of my choice for my video?

For each edit request, you can choose royalty-free music directly from the Action Video Editing software. You can also set a default choice for all your montages.

Our catalogue of music is expanding day by day, to meet the needs of everyone.

How do I follow my installation requests?

The account you created on allows you to view the pending, running, and finished mount requests. This allows you to access the countdown of the number of montages remaining, follow the progress of our editors and view the finished videos.

Clicking on the mounts tab gives you access to all the information concerning the evolution of a montage, from the reception of the SD card, from the execution of its assembly to its validation by our production team.

How do I submit my installation requests?

The software allows you to create and track your editing requests, on computer or mobile phone. No installation required, you only need an Internet connection to access the service.

How to do it when there are a lot of videos to deal with?

The options are sorted by filters are very useful for targeting a specific period, finding a particular montage, or simply observing the progress of the projects.

How can I view a finished montage?

Once your installation has been found, you have to copy the corresponding password and go to the player of the structure or to the video player Action Video Editing and then enter the password.

How do I send videos to my customers?

Action Video Editing can manage the emailing of final videos to your customers. You also have the option to print coupons via and distribute them to your customers.


How do my clients access their videos?

Your customers access their video via the Action Video Editing video player (from 20 montages purchased) or via your personalised video player (from 100 montages). They enter the received code sent to them by email (sent automatically by the software) or hand-delivered (printable version generated by the software) and can then view, download and share their video on social networks.

What happens if my client loses the access code to his video?

Your personalised video player or the Action Video Editing credits, both available online, have a dedicated contact form. The Action Video Editing team looks for the code and replies to the customer. You have nothing to worry about!


What are the different payment methods?

Each pack can be purchased by credit card – if the monthly amount does not exceed your banking limit – or by direct debit (SEPA mandate). Our payment methods are simple, totally secure and do not incur any additional costs.

What is a SEPA mandate?

The SEPA direct debit mandate is the document that allows us to set up direct debit for the payment of your bills. It will allow you to pay your bill several times without charge.
All you have to do is fill in the form and send it back to us by email. You do not need to send a document to your bank. It’s simple, convenient, totally free and secure.
Identifiable by its reference (RUM), your bank statement will show the reference M, followed by 10 digits.
Pick-up will stop automatically when the total amount of your pack is reached.


How can I promote my business through videos?

You can share your customers’ memories videos on your social networks (or better yet: use best-of of your most beautiful pictures via our “teaser” product, think about ordering that from us from time to time). For packs of 50 and above, our team also creates a high-quality presentation film for you during the practical training.
Moreover, the online video player, dedicated to the participants, encourages them to share their videos on their own social networks: they do your publicity for you!
On our side, we also relay thousands of subscribers and web visitors the most beautiful montages we make.

How do I motivate my team to make videos?

Firstly, introduce your team members to the interactive benefits of souvenir videos: each shot is an opportunity to have some fun and the clients will love taking part. It can often bring a lot of amusement to the session. And it is something out of the ordinary!

Talk to them about the direct benefits of making souvenir videos: more satisfied and loyal customers – and more new customers!

Some businesses choose only to entrust the making of the video activities to those team members who are enthusiastic about taking part in video-making. It can end up being a good way to motivate your team.

Finally, you can also encourage your team by sharing a percentage of the profits with them when you offer your customers the souvenir video at a cost.

What about the rights to the images?

Rest assured, we work for you!

We provide you with a very simple and quick to adapt CGV model (in fact, it lacks only the name of your structure) that you add to your current General Conditions of Sale or that you provide separately to your customers. These CGVs have been created and checked by several lawyers, guaranteeing you a perfect security with regard to the legislation! Major, minors, whatever your customers, you are protected.

If you sell your videos online, it’s just a simple checkbox and it’s all sorted.

What is a teaser?

A teaser is a video montage of the best shots you have sent to us since our working relationship started (or since a date of your choice). It corresponds to an intense and dynamic video of about a minute, to enable you to publicise your business on your website, your newsletter, your social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) or even your point of view displays.

In case of problem, who do I contact?

Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. You can reach us at +33 (0) 9 67 52 94 53 or by email: You can also use our contact form.

We will reply within 24 hours.

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