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Souvenir Videos
White Water Sports

White Water Sports and Souvenir Videos

Action Video Editing is the leader in the video souvenir of white water sports. On mountain rivers, lowland rivers and more generally in any type of environment, we offer videos for rafting, canyoning, canoeing / kayaking and professional independent recreational water sports. Take a few pictures with your GoPro, your Drift, your smartphone or any other video capture device and we take care of mounting them and turning them into a few minutes of superb audio-visual production.

Incredibly easy! We provide you with an advice guide adapted to the specifics of your sport, you just have to follow it to obtain all the necessary shots in less than a quarter of hour of work for us to put together your video. We can also advise you on the equipment (with exclusives from our partners) so that it is adapted to your practice and its constraints: waterproof cases, poles, clips of fixing helmet or wrist, etc.
On a torrent or a river, in a canyon or a gorge, in hydrospeed, tubing or kayaking, we are committed to providing you with an incredible quality that will enhance your service to your customers!
Bring a bonus to your leisure activities, whether they take place during a discovery session, an event such as a bachelor party/ stag do or for any other reason your customers might have.

Your customers deserve the best. Reward them with a lasting memory of their visit!
Your own reward will be immediate!

Also … We also love white-water excursions: so we cannot wait to get wet and paddle by your side to offer you your promotional video! A quick phone call and off we go. See you soon!

The challenge

Have you ever tried to make souvenir videos for your customers? If so, you know it’s not as simple as you might imagine. It is expensive, both in terms of finance and time (and planning is already quite complex), it is difficult to obtain quality and also not to make mistakes when working with the film… The organisation requires, SD cards, customer data … It can be overwhelming! And maybe the editing is not your cup of tea, the editing software is not as simple as advertised and when that is the case, the end result leaves something to be desired. As for filming during the activity? You would prefer to focus on the coaching and security of the participants!

Yet you are convinced that souvenir videos are now a key tool for business development (and you are right!). To differentiate yourself in the marketplace, to develop your brand, to increase customer loyalty … That is what comes from the souvenir video! Also, it is a product that can increase your income.

The solution

Action Video Editing, with the skilled paw of Cat Apulse, offer souvenir films on all your activities, in group or individual, with speed and simplicity. Equipped with a sports camera on the helmet, by hand (wrist attachment) or on the paddle, 15 minutes of capturing images and it is done! You can also entrust the camera to the participants, they will be delighted to film each other while leaving you with the task of their safety. A jump from a rock, a slip, a reminder, some rapids and a small group shot to end with … And it’s in the bag! Assisted by the guidance booklet, you are in your comfort zone and can concentrate on your coaching. With the exit finished, it’s time to activate your smartphone or your computer and your images are already with us. We then take over and go so far as to deliver the video directly to your customers. Your customers swim in happiness and your business flourishes.

All this for a cost lower than the return trip by minibus / 4x4 / coach (cross out unnecessary mentions)!

Instant gains.


  • Gain in reputation 90% 90%
  • Value of benefit 80% 80%
  • Increased customer loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

Make your activities unforgettable.

Make each customer
an ambassador for your company.

Give them a souvenir video to share.

More samples of white water sports souvenir videos on our YouTube channel

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