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Souvenir Video
Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving and Souvenir Video

Action Video Editing is a company specialising in souvenir videos of scuba diving. We have developed a service that allows supervisory businesses and independent professionals to make souvenir films during their clients’ underwater dives. Whatever your underwater activity – diving, snorkelling etc. – we offer you the complete toolkit and an ultra-simple process which will satisfy the video expectations of your customers with a very high quality. So put your fins on, your diving suit and your regulator (or snorkel!) and follow our advice booklet, handed out during our training, to take breath-taking shots, easily and quickly. It only takes a few minutes. And since you like to have your head in the water, you don’t have to worry about the rest: that’s our business!

Do you deliver a magical experience to your customers? Invite them to remember it and share it with a video.
It is to your benefit to be in the know!

And … We are also passionate about diving sports. So shall we plan a dive together? We’d like to take this opportunity to offer you your promotional video. We have equipped our combination and are waiting for your call (we also accept emails!) to visit the underwater fauna by your side.

The challenge

All companies today want to commmunicate. To improve their image, their reputation, the loyalty of their customers … The goal behind all this? More customers and more sales of course! Except that … it’s not that simple. How to do it? Which media? How much work? What budget?

What if the souvenir video was an ideal tool? Yes but, you will say, our sport requires a high degree of security vis-à-vis our customers, it’s not compatible with making videos. And it must be a complex, long and demanding process. Not to mention the knowledge required at the editing software level. And then … for what profit margin, if there is a profit? And what about diving in difficult waters and the quality of the final video?

Yet, you know that video is the medium of the moment. Your customers sometimes ask you and you would like to keep them happy. Action Video Editing was created for this reason and to offer you all the benefits of the souvenir video (your part) without the inconveniences and difficulties (our part).

The solution

Action Video Editing, accompanied by the expertise of Cat Apulse (who makes you promise he won’t have to put a foot near water!) offers you the possibility to sell or offer souvenir videos on each of your trips or services. 15 minutes of images, taken by the diver’s supervisor or the client themselves, by following (or not) the tips given in the specialised diving booklet that we give you and …that’s it! We take care of all the rest: cutting your films, assembling, editing, effects, music, inlaying your logo, making it available to the client … ALL! And if your customers prefer souvenir pictures rather than a movie, no problem, it will be even cheaper for you.

Your customers will swim in joy as your media takes off. You’ll take to it like a fish to water!

By the way … we sell our video editing service at the price of a small coffee. But if you want to sell it to your customers at the price of a good wine, we promise, we won’t say anything!

Instant gains.


  • Gain in reputation 90% 90%
  • Value of benefit 80% 80%
  • Increased customer loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

Make your activities unforgettable.

Make each customer
an ambassador for your company.

Give them a souvenir video to share.

More samples of scuba diving souvenir videos on our YouTube channel

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