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Souvenir Videos
Sailing Sports

Sailing Sports and Souvenir Videos

Cat Apulse and his team at Action Video Editing offer you a high-quality service in souvenir videos of water sports and sailing sports. During tandems, trainings, workshops or other excursions, we offer nautical bases and independent professionals to enhance their services through short souvenir films of a few minutes long for their customers. The operation is simple: the framer (or the client themselves) takes some shots by following (or not!) the advice of the personalised booklet that we have prepared and we send by mail or email. A view of a group on a beach or ocean background, a view of the crew in action during navigation (or of the participant only if in a solo activity like windsurfing or sand yachting for example) From re-entry to port … And that’s it! 15 minutes of film are enough (but you can always provide more!).

From there, the editor team Action Video Editing will make the best edit possible, including the logo of your business, a possible message and the chosen music, following the preferences that you indicate via the online application. Then the resulting video is automatically sent to the customer by email.

Souvenir videos: a speedy service!
Do you wish that your customers would remember your company and talk about you? And that they would come back to see you more often?
Give them a way to do this: a video reminder of the best moments to watch at home.

Call us or send us a short note to invite us to visit you and we can set it all up. And we can offer you a video presentation of your activity!

The challenge

Communication in the modern era, it can be a puzzle! With all the tools and media at our disposal, it is sometimes difficult to put in place profitable opportunities, whether in time, money, image or in terms of customer relations. Internet, social media, emailing … How to best take advantage of this?

And if the video-memory, now become so common with sports cameras and smartphones, what is the simplest way to achieve this? Yes, but common, does not mean easy. It’s not just about filming and giving the customer the result: you’re looking to give your customer the “Wow” factor. So how do you do this?

And what if you could be satisfied with what you know how to do, focusing on your business and the services you offer your clients? Skipper, pilot, navigate, supervise, teach, secure, manage, organise … (remove any unnecessary entries).

Save you time, effort and money.
This is why Action Video Editing exists.

The solution

Action Video Editing frees you from the logistics of video editing: you film, we do the rest!

  • An economic way (a few euros per customer) to increase the value of your business without investing to excess.
  • An effective way to develop your reputation.
  • A simple way to retain your customers.
  • A fun way to improve your online communication.

Easy as an Optimist. A few minutes to shoot (a good way to enliven your outputs), it takes just a few seconds to upload the data using the mobile application (or computer) and 78 hours later your customers have their memories!

The video souvenir is adapted to any type of service, groups or individuals, on sea or lake, sailing boat or motorboat. You can choose to sell it to make a profit for your business or offer it as is.


Instant gains.


  • Gain in reputation 90% 90%
  • Value of benefit 80% 80%
  • Increased customer loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

Make your activities unforgettable.

Make each customer
an ambassador for your company.

Give them a souvenir video to share.

More samples of sailing sports souvenir videos on our YouTube channel

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