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Souvenir Video
Motor sports

Motor Sports and Souvenir videos

Karting, quad biking, buggy, 4x4, motocross, enduro, trail, snowmobile … So many sports that provide their enthusiasts with a unique experience! Immortalise these experiences with Action Video Editing!

Professionals and motor sports businesses, you can now offer your customers a souvenir video supplement to your services and gain market efficiency. Easy to set up, very accessible at the organisational level and extremely effective in retaining your customers and maximizing your brand on a large scale. Souvenir Videos are already successful for many sports service providers giving: increased loyalty, a valued form of communication, enhanced reputation …

Whether on an open-air or indoor tour, in a group or in an individual event, offer your clients an unforgettable souvenir of their adventures with you. Have a go making a video souvenir and make your business stand out from the rest.

Nothing could be simpler: we take care of everything, or almost everything!

By the way … the Action Video Editing video souvenir is extremely reasonable: on average it is less than 3€ per participant. You can choose to offer it simply for the benefit of your customer relationship or to sell it to customers at a profit to increase your income. Let’s go!

The challenge

Whether you want to increase your income, grow your client base or increase your communication (or all three at once!), Souvenir Videos are currently the most accessible and effective tool to do this with. It allows you to offer your clients a short film to share and remember the good time they had, once they are back home.

We know that in high season, your schedule can be particularly busy. You sometimes manage many groups during the day or week and you do not want to make your organisation and your work more complicated. How then can you enrich your communication, develop your loyalty and publicise your company? You have already exploited the classic websites, paper supports, displays, even press or radio campaigns? The results do not necessarily live up to your efforts? What if you were to test out our service?

Or maybe you’ve already tried the souvenir video for yourself? It took time, required a commitment from your entire team, editing skills and sometimes the quality was not there: your customer satisfaction was limited.

What if we propose a new concept? You film, we organise, assemble and deliver! You save time and enjoy all the benefits of the souvenir video without the hassle.

The solution

Action Video Editing’s professional video editing team, led by Cat Apulse, can offer to do high-quality video editing for you and your customers from the images you shoot, (or your supervisors or even your clients) in the field.

Fast and simple, 15 minutes of shots are enough for a dynamic 3-minute video. The capturing of the images is facilitated by our booklet’s advice available to you and finely adapted to your practice and its constraints. These images can be made from your smartphone or GoPro camera: we can give you advice on the ideal positions and equipment (helmet, steering wheel, boom) for your type of sport.

After that? Send us the images (mail or online upload) and we take over! Selecting the most beautiful video sequences, editing, adding your logo (at the beginning and end of the video), superimposing your music with the images, putting it online and distributing it directly to each of your clients. They can then relive their experience and share it easily with their friends, who are potential customers.

You gain the respect of your customers and your business is on the right path!

All that for a lower cost than refuelling! Ready to make a start on souvenir videos? Go on!

Instant gains.


  • Gain in reputation 90% 90%
  • Value of benefit 80% 80%
  • Increased customer loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

Make your activities unforgettable.

Make each customer
an ambassador for your company.

Give them a souvenir video to share.

More samples of motor sports souvenir videos on our YouTube channel

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