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Aerial Sports

Aerial Sports and Souvenir Videos

Action Video Editing is a team made up of specialists in aerial sports souvenir videos. During both summer and winter, we offer professionals who have a supervisory role – an individual or a group of instructors – in creating souvenir films dedicated to their clients. From paragliding, to freefalling school, to the gliding club, passing by the hot-air balloon, microlight or helicopter pilot, we provide you with tools and processes enabling you to satisfy the expectations of your customers easily and with maximum quality. A booklet is given to you during our training which shows you how to take shots easily and in the minimum of time. You have nothing else to do. And since you like to have your head in the clouds, don’t worry about the rest: we will take care of it!

Do you offer the best experience to your customers? Then immortalise it through a lasting memory, which is ready to be shared.
Your image and reputation will thank you!

And… We are also passionate about extreme and aerial sports. So, we look forward to being able to fly or jump to your side with the promotional video we can offer you! We use the phone more than the radio, so contact us on our number and we can organise it all! See you in the sky soon!

The challenge

Have you ever tried to offer souvenir films to your customers? Or at least have you ever thought of it? But you noticed that it required lots of organisation and that it could be very tedious … Some of you already do: some shots in selfie mode and hop in the box, but is it enough to give the card to the customer for a few welcome dollars. Yes but … What about your reputation? Or simply the quality of raw images, without music, logo, rhythm, discounts to your customer?

If, like all our customers and partners, you want to go further, you understand our raison d’être. And rest assured, you are given all the tools to develop your reputation and retain your customers while increasing their satisfaction. All this without taking any more of your precious time. Finally, rest assured that our prices do not fly away!

The solution

Action Video Editing, under the experienced eye of Cat Apulse (who prefers to remain on the ground), offers you the possibility of a souvenir film on all your courses or tandems, quickly and easily. GoPro cameras with the helmet, on your suit or hand held (telescopic pole or wrist attachment), do fifteen minutes of shooting and it is in the bag. In speed riding, under a balloon or in a helicopter, can our services adapt to your practice. A “3-6”, a soaring, hovering or dynamic, fashionable, crosseux or outfielder, we take your images and we make customer satisfaction! In just two clicks, your movie is uploaded to Action Video Editing servers for delivery to our editors. We then take over and supply the result directly to your customer. Your customers are happy and your reputation soars beyond the stratosphere.

Rate per participant? Less than a small post-flight beer!

Instant gains.


  • Gain in reputation 90% 90%
  • Value of benefit 80% 80%
  • Increased customer loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

Make your activities unforgettable.

Make each customer
an ambassador for your company.

Give them a souvenir video to share.

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