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Action Video Editing

Give life to each other’s memories.

Our company helps leisure, sports and event professionals to communicate better. It transforms their activities into unforgettable and shareable memories.

Our history

First, the company Mind Sport Prod, created in 2012 by Franck Bardon, long-time enthusiast with video- editing, was originally a short film production company for advertising purposes for the public and private sectors.
Following the production of an umpteenth film for an alpine ski school in early 2014, Franck discovered a real problem concerning the sports facilities and their customers: once the sporting activity carried out remains only an immaterial memory that gradually fades away. How to allow this memory to retain all the power and emotion of the lived experience and how to facilitate its sharing? The concept of editing sports souvenir videos Action Video Editing was born. This new company will soon detach itself from the only sporting universe to gain the interest of playful activities, events and even personal.
Today, Action Video Editing allows everyone to preserve and relive their most beautiful experiences and events, with the same intensity as their origin, and to share them with anyone.

Every year,

Videos made

Smiles filmed

Videos viewed


Satisfied Clients

  • Awareness gains  90% 90%
  • Valuation of benefits 80% 80%
  • Improved loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

The results are breathtaking.

In just a few months, the souvenir video has become THE reference communication medium for sports, leisure, tourism and events management structures. The results and customer feedback speak for themselves: never before had such an easy-to-implement service brought so many gains. Whether it’s about brand image, brand awareness or customer loyalty, video-memory is proving to be one of the most powerful communication levers available today.

Our mission

Allow everyone, without effort, to leave an activity framed with an unalterable and quality memory, shareable with their loved ones.

Our values

Joy, good humour and sportiness are our driving forces. Professionalism, quality of service and agility are our weapons.

The concept


Our clients (or their own) take the shots. For each activity, a booklet advises them.


We carry out the editing by selecting the best shots and adding the intro with logo animation and the final, as well as possible titles. We synchronize scenes with music and adjust colorimetry and effects.


We deliver the video directly to the right recipients via an email containing the link to the online player and the unique access code. They can then view, download and/or share their memories.