Action Video Editing

Bringing your memories to life.
Our company helps leisure, sports and event professionals to communicate better. It transforms their activities into unforgettable and shareable memories.

Our history

Created in 2012 by Franck Bardon, then the manager of a farm but with a long-standing passion for video and cinematographic editing. Action Video Editing was originally created to produce short films for advertising purposes for the public and private sectors.

Following the creation of the umpteenth film for an Alpine ski school in early 2014, Franck discovers a real problem for sporting businesses and their clients: once the sporting activity is over, the memory disappears, little by little. How can the memory retain all the power and emotion of the lived experience and how can you share the memories? The concept of editing Mind Sports Prod sports souvenir videos was born. It wasn’t long before Mind Sports Prod was branching out beyond the sporting world into all kinds of interest activities, fun events and more.

Today, Action Video Editing allows everyone to preserve and relive their most beautiful experiences and events, with the same intensity as when they first happened, and share them with anyone.

Every year,

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Satisfied customers

  • Gain of notoriety 90% 90%
  • Valuation of benefits 80% 80%
  • Improved loyalty 70% 70%
  • Added value on competitors 100% 100%

The results are staggering.

In a few months, the video souvenir had become the “go to” way for sports, recreational, tourist and event businesses to communicate what they do. The results and customer feedback speak for themselves: never has something so easy to set up brought so many gains. Whether on branding, reputation or customer loyalty, souvenir video proves to be one of the most powerful levers of communication existing at the moment.

Our mission

To allow everyone, without effort, to leave from a supervised activity with an unalterable memory of quality, which is shareable with their relatives.

Our values

Joy, good humour and sportiness are our drivers. Professionalism, quality of service and agility are our weapons.

The concept


Our clients (or theirs) create the shots. And for each activity, an advice booklet guides them.


We do the editing by selecting the best shots and adding the intro with your logo at the start and end, as well as any titles. We synchronize the scenes with the music and adjust the colourimetry and effects.


We deliver the video directly to the recipients via an email containing the link to the online reader and the unique access code. They can then view, download and / or share their memories.

The Dream Team

Collaborators at the service of your memories!



The Cat

Responsible for the happiness of the company, he strives as much as possible to do…nothing at all! Other than enduring the repeated petting of his collaborators. His remuneration, which some say is disproportionate to his duties, is subject to discussion within the team.

The Stars

The Stars

The editors

They are our stars, they are our men (and woman!) of the shadows … They are our editors! Four of them, Dorin, Mihai, Elvis and Lily each come up with dozens of videos each day to the great pleasure of our customers.

Franck Bardon

Franck Bardon


There at the creation of Action Video Editing and the joysticks of the company, Franck strives to define the production and assembly processes, adapting them to each type of customer. It is also he who identifies the development pathways and puts the “development” into the development strategy. All this without sacrificing a dynamic and fun culture.

Adrien Chavant

Adrien Chavant


A great film buff, Adrien loves to write, shoot and make short films. An expert on Spielberg, a fan of Titanic (no one’s perfect!), he waits impatiently for the day when he will receive his Oscar. Adrien is responsible for the production of the assemblies and their logistics. If you enjoyed the saussicon slipped in your welcome package, it is he who you should thank. We suspect him of mastering the dark side of the Force, no normal creature could eat what he eats or make a launch video in 14.53 minutes. In the office, he misses no opportunity to crack jokes and contributes to the general good humour.

Chloé Davoine

Chloé Davoine

Chief Account Manager

Chloé is fun loving and approaches everything with enthusiasm, even when she falls head first into the snow while cross-country skiing. She is an excellent alpine skier but also has a great love of idleness and Jenga. She likes to taunt her colleagues by sending pictures of her in the snow every weekend. This summer, her colleagues will take revenge by sending her pictures of sea and white sand.

Adrien Kelsch

Adrien Kelsch

Account manager South East

His three greatest passions: cats, his auntie’s flans and the white sound of the water. Having not graduated as a trainer, he turned to making videos. He dreams of becoming a pirate and is an avid skier and long boarder. In his down time he is also a biographer of Provençal the Gaullois. An excellent cameraman and humourist, he knows how to catch your most beautiful falls and slips during filming of your video. Originally, he wanted his profile picture to be a photo of him with an orangutan. We made him change it.  Edit: We kept the photo.

Baptiste Flandre

Baptiste Flandre

Account Manager South West

Baptiste, it is a bit like the Swiss knife that you must always keep in your pocket. A GoPro in one hand, a mushroom omelette in the other, all while climbing a 7c at sight and singing the Creole Company. Officially, he moved to Bordeaux to get closer to the customers on the ocean and the Pyrenees. But between us, the outdoor potential of the region does not weigh much in the face of the specialties of the South-West … Wines, ducks, Armagnac and Cassoulet are his real motivation. In reality, climbing, surfing and hiking are for him only excuses to justify his appetite! A rare intelligence and a contagious good humour, bringing happiness to his colleagues and clients alike.

Muriel de Dona

Muriel de Dona

R&D Director

Originally from Savoyarde, traveller in the soul, geek by nature, Muriel was born with skis on her feet and a camera in her hand. Co-author of the book “Web quality: good practices to improve your sites”, she has participated in the design of numerous references of good practices Opquast. She also shares her knowledge through conferences (Paris Web, Web in Alps, Internet Cities, SEO camp …). With her expertise in web quality, UX design and product management, she is in charge of the company’s innovation, designing and monitoring the development of new digital products. Her main objective: to exceed the expectations of users. We think that the concept “user experience” was invented just for her: she would be able to explain the most complicated software to a 5 year old! Muriel also enjoys healthy eating, metal and Apulse the Cat. But as for her jokes …the jury is still out!

Sébastien Schropff

Sébastien Schropff


Serial entrepreneur, nervous-minded geek, a strategic strategist and a visionary, give Seb an idea and he’ll create a company. “Jack of all trades”, he takes care of each of his collaborators while participating in the management of the business, the operational and the daily processes. Accompanying start-ups in his down time, KPIs, forecasts and strategic recommendations are some of his favourite ways to spend his time. Passionate about science and technology, a frequent reader of various blogs and specialised magazines, Sébastien always has a head start when it comes to anticipating the future. He is also an avid skier and paraglider, which he does as often as possible. Defects identified: he never eats on time and he talks a lot (too much) (and often about Elon Musk!)